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Intricate, functional, and globally conscious, the stunning lace grass basket has been skillfully handcrafted by Ghanaian Artisans using locally sourced straw and is the ideal storage solution for just about anything! They can be used as storage for paper rolls, kids toys, pet toys, dry foods or as a beautiful focal point in your home office or living room! They beautifully serve every setting.

  • Refer to Dimensions for Approx. Size of Basket

Medium Lidded Lace Grass Basket Box

  • 14" w x 14" h


    Weight: 0.8 lb


    BASKET CARE: To clean or re-shape your basket, simply wet it with cool water, shape it as needed, and allow it to air dry. The basket should be watered once a year to hydrate the straw and keep it supple. Avoid using chemicals or detergents.

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