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About us and our artisans

The Woven Hut was born from a love for Africa! 

Growing up in a colourful and cultured Ghanaian family and being surrounded by idiosyncratic African craft, there came about a real passion and interest in African artistry.

Just being totally enthralled by the techniques, the quality, the vibrancy as well as the intricate detail of these authentic, handcrafted African pieces which notably are all made from raw materials, inspired the 'footprint' of this journey.
These pieces have always had presence in any setting and these pieces really needed to have a platform to shine! The work of these masterful and artistic Artisans deserve to be illuminated and celebrated with the world.



These stunning pieces can very easily adorn your home and compliment your own style. 

All our Ghanaian woven baskets are made with indigenous 'Veta Vera grass' (Pennisetum Straw) also known as Elephant grass and all pieces are sourced ethically and are handmade by The Babatree Basket Company, the first of our artisan partners who are a magnificent cooperative of cheerful, exceptionally skilled and dedicated  Artisan weavers in the Upper East Region of Ghana, from within the Gurunsi tribe. 

Each Artisan focuses on one basket from the beginning until the end and no two designs or colours will ever be the same.
This is the beauty of this unique artistry of basket weaving.
You can be certain you are always receiving a piece that is unlike any other.

The excellence in the craftsmanship of our Artisans shape the social fabric of their setting and enables them to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is their sense of community that really brings the work of their hands to life.

There is always bound to be a special piece that will catch your eye; that which we hope will bring the joy of tradition to you and your home.

Shop our Ghanaian basket collection here

WomenCraft_Hadija Artisan Happy 2.jpg


Our business model has been set up in such a way as to align with the goals of social enterprise and to build relationships that we hope will contribute to lasting change through trade.

We have partnered with the wonderful Womencraft,  who enable the skilled female Artisan makers of our delightful and unique Woven Tabletop Collection and more.


Womencraft are a certified fair-trade Social Enterprise in Ngara, in the remote north east of Tanzania and their mission is to increase opportunity in the post conflict, tri-border area of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania by bringing rural women together, facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the global marketplace. 

Through Womencraft over 600 female Artisans advance themselves, raise strong families and stimulate their communities and the world around them.


We are truly honoured to be working with such a remarkable enterprise.

Shop our Tabletop Collection here


At the heart of what we do, we partner to enhance. To make a difference to people and the planet. We proudly partner with Amsha, who hold the belief that everyday is an opportunity to wake up to purpose and passion.  Amsha combine modern design with traditional techniques to create conscious home and lifestyle products.


They create opportunities for six women's cooperatives and several independent artisans across Africa. Artisans are provided with skills training and market access, fair pay, a collaborative work environment and a path to economic independence. Our artisan makers from Amsha created the wonderful pieces within our collection from Kenya and Rwanda.

Shop our Home and Living Collection here



YEWO, pronounced "Yay-Woh" is an environmentally conscious social enterprise based in the mountains of Northern Malawi, Africa. They design and responsibly manufacture Jewellery at their own solar powered workshop in Manchewe Village.


Jewellery is a lifestyle offering within our store and when we approached YEWO to partner with us, we did so, with the understanding that their own concept of the conscious consumer, truly aligned with our idea of creating product that was not only well made but that which would also serve 'lifestyle' in an ethical and sustainable manner.

YEWO supports ethical employment, offsetting carbon emissions through low impact production and sustainable packaging, empowering both people and the planet.

Their entire workshop (pictured) operates on renewable energy and their electric machines, tools and community charging station are all 100% powered by the sun! 

We are truly thrilled to have partnered with such an inspiring social enterprise and offer to our consumers, natural and unique Jewellery, that is made with the best of ethical and planetary intention.

Shop our Jewellery Collection here

HELLO, I'm AFIA - founder of The Woven Hut, wife to Dan and a mama to three beautiful boys!


I started The Woven Hut as a 'passion project' with an exploration of my own heritage but also with a very clear ethos that I hope will always translate as we continue to collaborate and build partnerships throughout Africa, bringing new and exciting interior and lifestyle collections to your home.

There are so many talented Artisans in Africa and the work that goes into these masterpieces is nothing short of astonishing.

It is so important to me to place as much emphasis as possible, on the actual craftsmanship of our Artisans; on the 'art of their hands' with focus on why hand made is not only better for our planet but also why it does and always should favour mass mechanical production. All our pieces are made in small batch and create sustainability in their cycles, working with indigenous materials and resources.

At The Woven Hut, we share the talent of our Artisans in form of beauty, joy, stories and tradition whilst supporting all of their communities through our regular collaboration because sustenance and lasting social change is best achieved through trade.

Our mission is to enhance the livelihoods of African Artisans by connecting their artistry to the global marketplace and enabling each piece to become a well deserved celebration of culture and honoured traditions.

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