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Handwoven by exceptionally skilled Ghanaian weavers, 'Kenkia' is a word in Gurune, the local language of the Gurunsie people that live in and around Ghana's Upper East Region. Kenkia is a large gourd that was traditionally used for carrying water.


This full-bodied basket is a feat of weaving and despite the simple design you see, it is a difficult shape to master, taking an experienced weaver to fulfill the proportions so elegantly!

An art sculpture in its own right, alternatively the Kenkia basket is also the perfect woven vessel for your foliage finds from the garden and fresh flowers. Insert a glass jar into the neck of the vase, sit it on the base on the basket, and you'll have yourself a stunning woven vase!

Handwoven 'Kenkia' Decorative Basket in 'Payaya' Pinks, Moss & Dusk Pattern

    • Handwoven in Ghana
    • Veta Vera Grass
    • Approx H: 47cm x W: 54cm
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